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Biosync pharma is one of the decent pharmaceutical suppliers engaged in cooperation with the reputable manufacturers and retailers of drugs. Our products are high-quality medications. Most of them are legal copies of the world-renowned remedies destined to deal with a wide range of general and chronic healthcare conditions. They cost cheaper, providing the same quality level.

Top Products


  • Doses: 200, 400mg
  • Prices: from 0.62 per item
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Ivermectin (Stromectol)

  • Doses: 3, 6, 12 mg
  • Prices: from 1.32 per item
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Chloroquine (Aralen)

  • Doses: 250, 500mg
  • Prices: from 0.57 per item
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Our Mission

We’re a multidimensional company established on the territory of Chandigarh, India, working in cooperation with the trustworthy pharmaceutical manufacturers and developing the new offices all over the country. We distribute drugs, pharmaceutical products, and accompanying medical equipment around the country and over the border through online marketing.

We are a team of enthusiasts and experienced medical specialists controlled by the skilled IT pros ready to face new challenges and promote our development in the online pharmaceutical market.

Nowadays, we offer:

  • Transparent order procedure;
  • Regular notifications about the refills;
  • Diagnostic tests;
  • Exclusive offers for regular customers;
  • Expert customer care.

Our mission is to distribute safe and adequate medical information, as well as pharmaceutical products, and deliver our clients the most tolerant, prompt, and beneficial service, cutting healthcare expenses and improving the well-being at the same time.

Our Products: Generics and Herbal Supplements

The choice of products is subjected to insignificant variations. As soon as we are a third-party company, we have to be in constant contact with the manufacturers and our affiliate partners. When something goes wrong with the production of certain meds or logistics, we have to experience unstable deliveries. Nevertheless, we try hard to help our clients stay away from any inconveniences caused by our agents.

Our regular list of products includes:

  • Tablets (the choice is vast and the price range will surprise you);
  • Syrups and liquid medications (they get to our warehouses after thorough laboratory tests not to harm our clients);
  • Injectable drugs (they are significantly cheaper than anywhere in the world, which is beneficial for the clients having chronic conditions);
  • Lotions (one of the most popular ones is an anti-dandruff lotion, which helps to deal with the skin irritations, inflammations, and itching);
  • Menthol gels (they are purely natural and free from the components causing allergic reactions);
  • Capsules (they are also known as gel caps made on the base of liquid ingredients for a more effective treatment result);
  • Energy drinks (these energy drinks help to restore energy with the help of nutritional supplements and vitamins in the structure);
  • Protein powders (purely natural products destined to help you grow the muscles increasing their capacity).

Benefit with Biosync Indian Pharmacy

Unfortunately, the American healthcare system has become very unstable and inconvenient for the citizens. Governmental regulations make it impossible for Americans to have access to a cost-effective pharmaceutical market. The majority of the medications is unavailable within the limits of health insurance.

Besides, the American pharmaceutical market has a lack of competitiveness between the reputable manufacturers and suppliers of drugs and additional medical equipment. That’s where OTC drugs become helpful. Hopefully, they are legal from the governmental point of view. The only thing to consider is that you take generics and OTC drugs at your own risk. Make sure you consult your medical practitioner and check the results of the latest medical check-up to make sure you won’t suffer from unwanted side-effects.

Biosync Advantages

  • Biosync Pharmaceuticals started developing in 2013, and since that time, the company has enjoyed incredible success.
  • We offer affordable prices on high-quality meds thanks to the high level of fair competitiveness in the country.
  • We’re one of the TOP PCD pharmaceutical organizations operating on the territory of India and over the border — we’re accepted worldwide;
  • Our aim is clients’ satisfaction and effortless shopping experience — our infrastructure is made up of several departments under the control of confident staff members and successful entrepreneurs.


Our Infrastructure

We are a very consistent organization consisting of several elements:

  • Responsible vendors providing us with a sufficient amount of ingredients, medications, and pharmaceutical equipment;
  • Experienced promoters who know how to arrange the activity of the pharmacy in line with the working principles of the pharmaceutical market and its customers;
  • Influential entrepreneurs understanding that any business should be built on confidence and transparency;
  • Separate warehouse units controlled by the professionals in shipment, transportation, and sorting issues;
  • Our devoted clients formed in a massive database so that we could manage the prescriptions, notify about the refills, and share information that might come in handy to those who sign up for our newsletters.

Client-Oriented Approach

Our ambitious goals are all linked to one and the only objective — the satisfaction of our clients. We understand that no advertising will improve our reputation better than the support of loyal customers. We need your positive feedback and help in social media. That’s why we urge you to discuss us with your friends, share feedback on customer review platforms, and leave your commentary for our support team so that we could improve what we do.

We offer:

  • A wide choice of pharmaceutical products of high quality;
  • Prompt customer support;
  • Personal approach with price reduction and individual suggestions;
  • Beneficial bulk orders;
  • Discreet delivery and proper packaging of the medications.

The Most Popular Questions: Prescriptions & Additional Info

Do I need a prescription from my physician to buy drugs from Indian pharmacies?

No, you can do this without a prescription. A pharmacist will help you find a cost-effective solution under your preferences. You should know the name of the main active ingredient of the med. If you’re looking for a generic version of the medication you take regularly, you can send us a copy of your current prescription so that we could pick out the most appropriate options. Biosync pharma specialists work with prescriptions so that the clients are safe and sound.

Is buying pharmaceutical products from Indian online pharmacies safe?

Unfortunately, it is not safe in some cases. You have to be careful while choosing the pharmaceutical supplier who is allowed to sell drugs, never asking you for a relevant prescription. There are many trustworthy reputable Indian pharmaceutical companies, but you’ll have to deal with some research before you proceed with the order and payment procedures. The sales of OTC drugs on the territory of the United States are controlled by specific regulations. If you want to stay on the safe side, consult your physician first.

Can Indian Pharmacy drugs be legally delivered to the USA?

Yes, it’s legally possible. However, the whole procedure should follow specific rules. You’ll get your parcel via regular mail or courier within the limit of time specified at the online pharmacy you’re using. Both allopathic and homeopathic meds should be accompanied by additional technical information and documents proving that the meds are safe and legal. To get the parcel with the meds, you’ll also need a passport or its copy. You can also be asked for a receipt to make sure it’s you who have made a purchase.


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