Ordering and Delivery Process in Biosync Pharmacy

How to make an order in Biosync? Register or log in, add the selected items to your cart and proceed to payment & delivery section. Once you pay for your order (we accent Visa, MasterCard, and other payment options), you order will be dispatched.

Biosync Indian Pharmacy endeavors to ensure trouble-free and speedy conveyance to customers from various countries and the item quality before dispatching to avoid risks and mistakes. Even if it has not been delivered to you in a timely manner, we will do all possible for it to be conveyed right to your home.

Right now, we have two basic shipping options:

EMS shipping (Express with Online Tracking)

In the event that you need your bundle to be sent as quickly as time permits, select EMS conveyance: it takes around 5–9 days from the moment of dispatching, and the requests are served by Express Mail Service. The deadline for this transportation way is 14 days, and we always notify the customer about shipping.

Standard (Registered AirMail conveyance)

Standard Delivery ordinarily takes around 14–21 days from the date of dispatching. The maximum time span for this transportation strategy is 30 days. All orders are sent anonymously — no personal information is disclosed. The bundles sent by the standard mail also can be tracked. Requests are handled on business days only. The weekend orders (put on Saturday and Sunday) are generally prepared on Mondays, and when we dispatch your package, we will inform you by means of email.

Remember that bulk requests (for 120 pills and more) can be packed into 2 separate shipments, and may not be delivered on one day. Brand and conventional meds are additionally partitioned into discrete packages and may not be sent on one and that day, either. This is done to stay away from issues at the customs.

Can you return your order? In which cases is it possible, and what are the date confinements?

You reserve the right to cancel your request in the following cases:

  1. Your parcel was delivered damaged.
  2. The package contains not exactly what you requested.
  3. The package was conveyed after the due date or has not been shipped at all.
  4. You’re not satisfied with the state of package (the box is damaged, or there is something wrong with the order).

You can send the order back to us within 30 days (we will provide our delivery address upon demand). If you don’t mind, check the address twice before putting in your request. If you make a mistake and the package is shipped to a wrong address, no compensation will be paid.

You can file your request inside 24 hours of requesting or it has not been sent at this point. To issue the request, contact the managers of our Indian pharmacy via the contacts provided on the website.

How to track the shipping status?

We will provide you with a tracking number for each order. You can define the shipping status by using this number right on the BioSync website, or by using third-party services on other tracking websites. In case your package has been lost or damaged, you have the right to get your money back — just contact us.